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“RAR Farmer”: Archiver for macOS

“RAR Farmer” is a small tool I designed in my spare time. I create a large number of RAR archives on a daily basis, which always involves writing commands in the terminal. I know this is something that not everyone is used to doing. So, I designed RAR Farmer to simplify that task. It’s a pretty handy tool, so I decided to put it out here, free of charge, for everyone to use. Feel free to share the app with your friends.


Some of RAR Farmer’s key features:

  • It is the first free RAR archiver for macOS that features a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • It was designed using macOS’ native Automator compiler (no adware/malware) [source code/schematics]
  • It is small in size (under 4 MBs)
  • Under the hood, it uses the original RAR Lab command line tools


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Change log:

  • Added support for RAR CLI auto-installation upon first run
  • Ver. 1 was released

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