Farzad Abbaspour
Media Engineer

Master of Digital Media and former enterprising software engineering student with growing professional experience in digital media, artificial intelligence, and English linguistics. Worked part-time as a creative director at one of Iran’s leading IT companies specializing in targeted advertisement and computer hardware trading. Professional achievements also include pursuing a career as an English instructor at a local language school while maintaining a perfect academic and attendance record in university. Successfully completed several web-design, automation and translation projects on time,  single-handedly and cooperatively. Forward thinking, technology driven, innovative, punctual, patient, and quick to learn new skills. Work efficiently under pressure.

University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
October 2016 - Present
Master of Science in Digital Media Informatics

GPA (thus far): 3.9/4

Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch, Mashhad, Iran
September 2011 - June 2016
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science-Software Engineering

GPA: 3.1/4

Islamic Azad University, Mashhad Branch, Mashhad, Iran
Summer 2015
Member of the executive committee for “Advertisement and Branding Through Social Media” conference
Shokooh English Institute
2002 - 2012
Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE / CEFR C2)
  • Qualified as the top student for 11 semesters out of the total 37 courses passed.
  • Passed all courses nonstop up to Certificate of Proficiency (CPE) course while attending secondary school and during my freshman year in college.
  • Self-studied various topics regarding psychology, teaching principles, and American urban culture.
  • Implemented various creative methods to learn the language at a faster pace.
Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH, Bremen, Germany
May 2017 - June 2018
Assistant Publishing Editor

Creating, maintaining, and monitoring the online publications for the IGS.

2014 - 2015
Creative Director, Market Researcher and International PR Agent
  • A member of the team in charge of social media branding, market research, demographic analysis, and customer behavior modeling.
  • One-to-one retail and troubleshooting consultant for macOS and iOS users at the company’s central branch during the course of my employment.
  • Creative director, screenwriter, and head voice actor for the company’s tech show and audio podcast entitled “Touch”.
  • Networked with several well known computer accessory manufacturers worldwide (e.g. Remax, PISEN, etc.).
  • Head editor and critic for Beroozresani website’s “IT News” section.
  • Provided voice-over for various TV ads.
  • Provided real-time translation of Apple Keynote conferences through a live blog to more than 10000 viewers at a time.
  • Worked effectively alongside the company’s software design teams to translate apps and web content.
Shokooh English Institute
2012 - 2014
American English Instructor
  • ESOL Teacher to teens and adults in various American English File courses
  • ESOL Teacher to children in Connect courses
  • Developed, administered, and corrected tests and quizzes in a timely manner
  • Combined discipline plan with effective measures and various imaginative lesson plans to increase concentration, participation, and progress student accountability (Details)
  • More than 90 % English learner satisfaction rate
  • Instructor of highest levels assigned to teachers in the branch
Shokooh English Institute
Summer 2012
Teacher Training Course

Certified among top trainees with 25 other attendants.

"Athena: Nightwatch"

Athena: Nightwatch” is the technical implementation of a data structure for the computer to understand humane models of cognition and emotion. The data structure resembles the way human brain processes and stores data for further manipulation, knowledge extraction, and interpretation. The project is a work in progress.

"The Cure: Diversity with Love"

This is a street photography project showcasing humane emotions when we are our true self. The project also celebrates global diversity.

“Touch by Beroozresani”

Screenwriting, editing and providing voice-over for one of the first Iranian technology shows/podcasts. The project was sponsored by Beroozresani and is now available on iTunes Podcasts by the same name.

Language School Automation System “Arielle”

Arielle is a fully working php-based all-in-one automation system, designed from the ground up, for any Iranian language school. Arielle is intuitive, easy to use, and above all it is web-based, which means the management personnel can make changes to their data anywhere, anytime.

Voluntary online contribution to translation projects at Ian Somerhalder Foundation (ISF)
Twitter translation project (into Farsi)

Worked actively among the top 8 Persian translators of Twitter for the entire year of 2012.

Official Farsi translator for Internet Download Manager (IDM)

IDM is the most well-known app used worldwide to accelerate downloads. The translation project is managed by Tonec Inc. in New York.

Web designer for “Reach for the Starz”

“Reach for the Starz” is the Internet’s first celebrity events calendar. The website addresses various events where people from all around the world get a chance to meet famous celebrities. The events are all published through a dynamic web-based calendar which can push notification messages to users’ phones following a quick subscription procedure.

Webby Awards nominee for ‘Reach for the Starz’
Ranked 1120th (top 5%) among more than 300,000 students participating in the nationwide undergraduate studies entrance exam in Iran
National award for “Best Blog” in the Cultural Activities Competition
Qualified in second place for “Best Poem” in the statewide Cultural Activities Competition
University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
September 2017

“Memory Triggers: How Musical Soundtracks Take Advantage of Silence to Activate Involuntary Autobiographical Memories and Lead to Self-Change”

University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
March 2017

“Implicit Sexism Through Language and Motion Picture in Young Hollywood”

University of Bremen, Bremen, Germany
March 2017

“A New Approach to Gamification: Targeting Different Myers-Briggs Personality Types with Purposeful Use of Gamification Elements in Non-game Contexts”

American English
PHP Web Development
iOS and macOS deployment and troubleshooting
Content marketing
Marketing research and strategy design
Technical translation (Persian/English)
Customer-relationship management (CRM)
Simultaneous interpreting (Persian/English conversations)
Microsoft Office
Tutoring and counseling
Effectively work with parents
Creative language-learning curriculum design
Speech, debate and negotiation
Native American accent
Human psychology
Post-production editing
American pop culture
Country music
Modern web design

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