God’s letter about “LOVE”

God’s letter about “LOVE”Good evening,
I’ve been wanting to write, but I guess I haven’t gotten much of your attention lately.

I know what you wanna say! Bet let me talk first. There are times like this in everyone’s life when every word they hear is a bullet to the heart. When time and nothing but time can be healing.

I know how you feel! It’s like every organ in your body wants to say “I told you so!!”, and they’re probably right. But there’s a lot more to this situation of yours than meets the eye. The aim with your situation was to change YOU! And you actually did change!! Isn’t that the main goal with a relationship?

Do you even remember yourself? That stubborn brat who didn’t appreciate any value put into his lifestyle by design?! You were a challenge, and needed a breakdown. Can you think of a better way to remind yourself of what you have? Don’t tell me you didn’t get to know your real friends through this; cuz you did! Unveiling truth about yourself, your weaknesses. I know you don’t regret gaining the experience! At the very least, it left you with a great story to tell!

I agree! It was kinda harsh, but wasn’t it you who said “life starts when you get out of your comfort zone”?! After all, the night is still young and so are you! I believe you’re now ready though, in many aspects. Don’t be ashamed of you past and don’t drawn from who you are…

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