Original Song – Sweet Wine & Sunshine

Here are the lyrics to a song I just wrote. It’s called “Sweet Wine & Sunshine”!


* Sweet Wine & Sunshine *

I was walking down the street when I saw this young kid
He had a story to tell
Of his mom give’ ‘im a pretty loud yell!
We, walking-on-sunshine, sipping fairly cold drinks
Trying to forget about all the old-broken-links
He told me how things with him had all gone wrong
And I tried to tell let us just (let us) be strong!
You should draw them a line and then you will be fine!
But he answered with his voice getting kind…
That they’d kept themselves busy leaving no time
So, family get together for a simple quiet dine.
And it was what’d made their day rather getting tight (by the minute)
Dimming all the shiny cheering lights…
I was all ears and didn’t wanna see him in tears.
So, I made up a topic about all my funny fears.
Like when I had to jump’in’a’pool’of’lime
‘fronta (in front of) some dears…-Or I have to buy a gift when the V-day nears!
So we got near the sea and I wanted to let go.
I said “Nice talking to you”, but he said “no!”
I said “You’ll be fine and you’ll make yourself shine!”
“Go get yourself a sweet wine and treat everyone kind!”


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