About Me

My name is Farzad Abbaspour (فرزاد عباس پور) and this is my online journal in which I write about how I deal with things in this strange, strange world! Wanna get to know me better? This blog is all about my likes and dislikes, so read on!

Who am I, you ask?

A Persian high-achiever with an American accent!

I was born in Iran. With a passion for American lifestyle and Digital Media, managed to pursue my education in both English linguistics and Software engineering. I became an authorized English and Culture instructor at the age of 17. Worked part-time as a creative director at one of Iran’s leading IT companies specializing in targeted advertisement and computer hardware trading. Professional achievements also include pursuing a career as an English instructor at a local language school while maintaining a perfect academic and attendance record in university. Successfully completed several web-design, automation and translation projects on time, single handedly and cooperatively. Forward thinking, technology driven, innovative, punctual, responsible, patient, and quick to learn new skills. Work well under pressure. You can read about my academic accomplishments and career in the resume section.

Trivial Information About Me

  • Height: 6’1″
  • Favorite colors: Folly, Dark Cyan, Flirt, Deep Violet, Chocolate Kisses,
  • Favorite cities: NYC, Nashville, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Tehran,
  • All-time favorite movies: The Only Living Boy in New York, The Vanishing of Sydney Hall, Candy Jar, How to Talk to Girls at Parties,
  • All-time favorite TV shows: Sense8, 13 Reasons Why,
  • Favorite music: EDM, Alternative, Country
  • Favorite comedians: Jimmy Fallon
  • Favorite magazine: The New Yorker
  • Favorite radio station: 24/7 Comedy
  • Favorite band: Westlife, Backstreet Boy, Josh Abbott Band,
  • Favorite artist: Dua Lipa, Bebe Rexha,
  • All-time favorite actors/actresses: Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Saoirse Ronan, Daniel Radcliffe, Richard Gere, Elle Fanning, Kathrine Langford, Robert De Niro
  • Favorite books: The Diary of a Young Girl, The Road to Avonlea, Agnes
  • Favorite drink: mint tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate
  • Favorite food: Italian food, pancakes, steak
  • Favorite snack: apples, dark chocolate,
  • Favorite dessert: cake
  • Favorite fragrance: Legend by Emper, Chanel Bleu,
  • Favorite shops: Media stores, Starbucks, Chanel,
  • Favorite fictional characters: Blake and Mortimer, Jughead Jones and Betty Cooper,
  • Favorite activities: programming, writing content reviews,
  • Idols:


You can easily get in touch with me via the links available at the bottom of this page.

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