1. The Oxford Thesaurus (A-Z Book of Synonyms)
  2. A Guide to Basics of Every Writing
  3. Tenses and Conditionals
  4. Basic Speaking (from FCE)
  5. American and British English Differences in Vocabulary
  6. Frequently Misspelled Words
  7. A Guide to Punctuation
  8. Most Common Verbs in English
  9. S5 Extra Worksheet
  10. A Complete list of All Irregular Verbs in English
  11. American English Files 4 Review Package: Workbook – Coursebook
  12. IELTS:   1. Original All-In-One Preparation Guide    2. All IELTS Pamphlets

The Collection for Movie Session

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  • Accepted formats: Microsoft Word / PDF / Wordpad Document / Apple iWork Pages document.
  • File name should be in this format: “Semester-Firstname Lastname”. For example: “S5-Nima Adibi
  • Make sure you submit your writing assignments before the discussed deadline.

Assignment Submission


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