Validity of Thoughts

I’ve been thinking about the concept of validity for a while now. And having faced many different approaches to this concept, I believe I have reached a thorough conclusion now. So, what’s validity in your opinion? To be specific, that would be validity of moral ideas and principles. When someone asks you your opinion about a certain  moral act, how can you firmly disqualify or validate it?

Take the idea of homosexuality, for instance. If you ask what my fellow Persians think about it. Most would say it’s a sin. However, there are not many who’d dig deeper into the subject and find out where this disapproval is coming from. And the people who have the courage to actually do, might get a response like this:

A healthy person with a decent mind wouldn’t ever be interested in a person of the same sex. The conscience doesn’t approve of that.

Now, that last sentence, in my opinion, is basically an escape plan for the person to prevent a not-so-persistent asker to continue their discussion on the matter. How would someone talk so cheaply about the general people’s conscience?

I believe what we are used to deal with on a daily basis plays a huge role in what we count as “valid”. Those ideas are so deeply engraved into our morale that we fail to see the truth most of the times. Now, when that guy says “the conscience doesn’t approve of that”, he might not even intend it as a lie. The thing is this guy is so used to seeing everyone be straight that he can’t even believe the fact that some people might actually be gay. If you bring them a thousand proofs to prove that the idea of diversity in human sexuality is valid, it wouldn’t make any difference to them. He is used to seeing everything his own way and that’s why they keep lying to themselves. That’s why they don’t even intend that answer as lie, but as something their life has taught him to believe in.

The thing is, we’re all living in our small bubbles. Many live years and years not noticing how the world actually works. They don’t notice the actual diversity in everything. Perhaps, that would be them being conservative, but that’s just not it. As Mr Keating said in the hit movie “Dead Poets Society”:

Just when you think you know something, you have to look at it in another way. Even though it may seem silly or wrong, you must try!

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